Canada's top amateur pilots, Webster Memorial Trophy Competition 2013

The competition for the trophy gets tougher every year. Support for the event is growing. This year Wings Magazine is stepping it up with an ad campaign.
Wayne Foy, Co-ordinator of Canada's top amateur pilot competition, regularly updates supporters. This report was filed by Foy on Jan. 7, 2013.

The new year is upon us and so is the 2013 Webster competition. The Series 1 posters produced by WINGS magazine are at the printers and will be ready for mailing across the country shortly.  WINGS has also produced a “1/2 page ad” which they will be using in developing promotional material and it is currently in the process of being added to our website.

J. Goss + Associates is a proud supporter of the Webster Memorial Trophy Competition.
February:  Next month will be the period that Amy and I travel to the warm and sunny city of Winnipeg to begin finalizing arrangements for the accommodations currently selected by The Howes Group on our behalf.  We will also visit with the Western Canada Aviation Museum regarding the banquet, work with Harv’s Air  on the competition and the Manitoba Aviation Council regarding further promotion and other matters.

New Website:  We have now received a first draft of the new Webster website requested from our webmaster Ragi Sekaly.  Once developed it will replace the somewhat dated one currently used, hopefully with some animation characteristics and slick new format.  The first draft is achieving what we have in mind so it is being worked on further at this time and we are looking forward to its eventual completion.

Early Bird and Flight Instructor Draws:  Two of the most successful promotional activities of the Webster competition are the annual Early Bird and Flight Instructor draws.  The  Early Bird draw offers an opportunity to those competitors who get their applications in prior to May 1st.  By doing this it alleviates a lot of last minute scrambling on our part to process the last minute rush of applicants that inevitably occurs every year.  The Flight Instructor draw (which actually includes anybody encouraging a competitor to enter) is an avenue by which we can thank those who have gotten their students or customers to enter.

What we are in need of at the moment are prizes to offer in the draw.  We do have significant contributions from a few of our supporters however the prize list each year usually amounts to only around five or six per draw and we would like to increase that number significantly.  The dollar amount does not need to be excessive, however items such as gift cards, flight jackets, flight bags, etc. would be appreciated as donations from various supporter organizations in order to build our list up.

If anyone has any item(s) for the two draws that they would like to offer, please let us know.  It would be very much appreciated.
Wayne Foy
Webster Memorial Trophy Competition

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