J. Goss + PR leads to nightmares for CBC star and more top stories from 2012

CBC Star Rick Mercer got the Bell-Astral message.  
Top ten news stories of 2012

1.  Bad Dreams: The top story of the year was Rick Mercer's problem sleeping. The CBC-TV star heard so much bad news about what would happen if Bell Canada (TSE:BCE) tookover Astral Media (TSE:ACM.A) he was plagued by nightmares.  On Oct. 18 the CRTC killed, the $3.4-billion takeover deal. J. Goss + Associates helped the Public Interest Advocacy Centre get its message out. Mercer is reportedly now resting peacefully.

2. An Oct. 18 Bloomberg News' Report: Three and half hours before the Bell-Astral decision was released, Bloomberg announced, based on stock market moves, the deal would be killed. The global news agency reported a J. Goss client, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, feared the takeover would increase prices and reduce choice.
Changes at Telefilm Canada
will make it more difficult for the
next Ellen Page to emerge the
National Post reported.
(Photo Wikipedia)

3. The next Ellen Page: On Nov. 14 the National Post reported Telefilm Canada's "success index" risks cutting out new and emerging filmakers. The story quoted J. Goss client the Producers Roundtable of Ontario.

4. New Digital Agency: Steven Staples launched Public Response this summer. The Ottawa-based agency does live conventions with video, engagement tools and resources streamed on the net.  Media reports across the country let everyone know about the new venture. Steven Staples is a J. Goss Associate.

5. Forum Research: Lorne Bozinoff, president of the Forum Research, saw his name printed close to 100 million times this year in newspapers across the country. J. Goss + Associates supplies counsel and media relations services to the Toronto-based public opinion research firm. Check the services offered by J. Goss + Forum Research.

6. Option consommateurs: Quebec's leading consumer group increased its profile in English Canada. Working in concert with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre the two organizations used a one-two punch combination on issues like Bell-Astral and privacy rights to double up coverage.

7. IBEW safety alert: A small story in a small newspaper helped a big union. It got the attention of Canadian Pacific Railway (TSE:CP) and Canadian National Railway (TSE:CNR) at right time, on the right issue. It increased our leverage in negotiations the union reported.

8. Wet dreams: In the courts Rogers Communications (TSE:RCI:B) argued its Charter right to free expression allows it to make unverifiable claims in its advertising. Michael Janigan from the Public Interest Advocacy Centre called the corporation's legal defence "a Madison Avenue wet dream".

9. Bogus LRT costing: An Ottawa report on a light rail project was reviewed by transit activist David Jeanes. He found that city officials used cost estimates 19 times more expensive than similar estimates for Toronto's light rail projects. The J. Goss associate's analysis made big news.

10. Wireless code: It was a big story this year and will be bigger next. Happy New Year!

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