Transport Action Canada: Hotline 1113

Transport Action Canada
Hotline 1113: April 21, 2011


April 27: Vancouver: Transport Action BC AGM: Firehall Library (10th Ave at Granville) 5:45PM - 7:45PM
April 27: Montebello : 2nd Symposium on rural transit for E. Ontario - W. Québec
28 et 29 avril : Montebello : Colloque annuel de l'Association des Transports Ruraux du Québec (ATCRQ)

Québec honours Harry Gow: Continuous involvement in public transport development

The founding president of Transport Action Canada Harry Gow  was one of 20 volunteers selected from 200 candidates for a PRIX HOMMAGE BÉNÉVOLAT- QUÉBEC awarded by Minister de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité Sociale du Québec Julie Boulet, at a ceremony held near the National Assembly in Québec City on April 13.

The award cites Gow's continuous involvement in Québec's public transport development since the 1970s, from the founding of Transport 2000 Québec in 1977 to his current leadership in the rural transit industry and in the development of Transport Pontiac-Renfrew, a new short line railway being created in cooperation with Class I railway CN. Gow thanked William Robertson, GM of Transports adaptés et collectifs desCollines for submitting his name for this honour.

Le président-fondateur de Transport Action: Grand prêtre du transport collectif

Le président-fondateur de Transport Action Canada fut l'un des vingt bénévoles sélectionnés parmi 200  candidats honorés par le décernement du PRIX HOMMAGE BÉNÉVOLAT-QUÉBEC par le ministre de de l'emploi et de la Solidarité Sociale du Québecmadame Julie Boulet lors d'une cérémonie tenue près de l'Assemblée nationale à Québec le mercredi 13 avril dernier.

Le texte de son prix mentionne  l'implication continue de M. Gow depuis la fondation de Transport 2000 Québec en 1977, son leadership de l'industrie de transport collectif rural et la création en cours de Transport Pontiac Renfrew, un chemin de fer d'intérêt local (CFIL), en collaboration avec la compagnie CN.  M. Gow a tenu à remercier le D-g des Transports  adaptés et collectifs des Collines d'avoir  soumis sa candidature.

Le « plan d'optimisation » d'OC Transpo va de l'avant:  David Jeanes, le président de Transport Action

 « On a décidé d'entériner des changements sans avoir la possibilité d'y réfléchir », a déploré David Jeanes, le président de Transport Action » François Pierre a rapporté pour le Droit le 20 avril 2011.  <>

Another reason to invest in Vancouver Island railway: Matthew  Buchanan, president of Transport Action BC

“A fuel tanker crashed and overturned near Goldstream Provincial Park Saturday evening, spilling 30,000 litres of fuel and closing the Trans-Canada Highway into Sunday. There is no other viable road linking Greater Victoria with the rest of Vancouver Island, so the parallel railway gives another option to travellers if the highway is closed for an extended period,” Matthew  Buchanan, president of Transport Action BC reported on April 17.

Transport 2000 préconise un péage sur un nouveau pont Champlain

Y aura-t-il un système de péage sur le nouveau pont Champlain? Certains intervenants le souhaitent.
Rive-Sud Express, Gabrielle Lachance,  Publié le 20 Avril 2011

Canadians say transit missing as a priority from governments

"Only 29% believe the federal government is doing enough to support public transit infrastructure across the country," says Michael Roschlau, CUTA President and CEO. "Canadians understand that the federal government must strengthen its role in ensuring public transit is adequately funded and supported." CNW Group, Canadian Urban Transit Association, Apr. 21.

Will rail survive on Vancouver Island? 

A Nanaimo News Bulletin editorial said: “Graham Bruce, executive director of the Island Corridor Foundation and a former BC Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Labour, writes that on the 125th anniversary of rail operating on Vancouver Island, it will be decided whether rail will continue to operate or shut down. In October of 2010, the owners of the railway corridor, the Island Corridor Foundation, an organization of regional districts and First Nations, presented the federal and provincial governments with a $15-million infrastructure investment request to secure the future of Island rail. As things stand today, without a commitment for the $15M investment by late spring of 2011, ICF will have to develop a plan for an orderly shutdown of rail service. The money would be used to replace more than 100, 000 ties, track re-ballasting and provide $500,000 for a comprehensive bridge and trestle assessment."

“According to Bruce a $15M investment in Island Rail to secure the continuation of rail service could very well be one of the most cost effective and important socio- economic decisions residents can make for the future of Vancouver Island. If you agree, let your MP and MLA know, write the federal and provincial ministers of transportation, e-mail the prime minister and premier, call your mayor and regional district chair and talk to your chief and council. Ask your favourite Island federal candidate to publicly support the $15M infrastructure investment. If you agree but do nothing, then that is clearly a decision to end rail on Vancouver Island. Your action will make a difference,” the April 8 Nanaimo News Bulletin editorial said.

Eastern Ontario and Western Québec Rural Transit Symposium

The Second Rural Transit Symposium to be held at Le Château Montebello by Eastern Ontario and Western Québec rural transit bodies on Wednesday April 27 is gaining momentum with fifty-five participants now confirmed. The prefect of the MRC Papineau will greet attendees. MPP Jean-Marc Lalonde will represent the Ontario Government. Simultaneous interpretation will facilitate participation for all.

Trucking industry demands increase to conventional truck lengths

“Speaking of common sense from provincial bureaucrats, it seems Ontario is finally willing to reconsider its archaic 244-inch wheelbase limitation. This is long overdue, especially considering Ontario's stated goal of being an environmental leader. Many environmentally friendly tools such as APUs require extra frame rail space and the 244-inch wheelbase limit in some cases is not practical when trying to spec out clean and green trucks,“ James Menzies wrote for Hooked-up on April 19.