Passenger rail film premiere in Toronto on April 4

Toronto premiere
De-railed: The National Dream
April 4, 2013, 7:00 pm
Ryerson University (Room LIB072) 350 Victoria Street
Admission Free

When Sault Ste. Marie documentary filmaker Dan Nystedt rode the rails across Canada he asked why is our railway system is being abandoned when most other countries are investing heavily in theirs.

He filmed a wide range of people, including: Robert Bateman (Artist and Environmentalist); Harry Gow (Co-founder, Transport Action Canada), Dean Del Mastro (M.P. Peterborough/Chair, All-Party Rail Caucus); Nicholas Heap (Climate Change Policy Analyst, David Suzuki Foundation); Gerald Gauthier (Director, Industry Liaison, Railway Association of Canada); Brian Kelly (President, CAW Union Local 103): and Joseph Boardman (President/CEO Amtrak).

Nystedt talked to people in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario who are working passionately to save their local rail lines from being abandoned. These interviews convey the environmental, economic and social reasons that Canada’s rail system must be returned to being the envy of the world.

Interspersed with very analytical, thoughtful and factual interviews, Nystedt brings us beautiful footage of the rail corridors through which he traveled as well as a selection of music with rhythms that aptly suit the rail cinematography.

The 70-minute film will not only inform, but it will likely ignite in its viewers a desire to join in the formation of a Canada-wide movement to ensure that we will have the kind of rail system we need to take us into a future of high fuel costs and the imperative to reduce carbon emissions. 

The film screening is hosted by Winnie Ng, CAW-Sam Gindin Chair of Social Justice and Democracy, Ryerson University. Opening remarks by Olivia Chow, MP, Official Opposition Transport Critic and film-maker, Dan Nystedt.  

Peter Miasek, President, Transport Action Ontario will provide a 5 minute summary of Transport Action’s  “National Dream Renewed” campaign to revitalize passenger rail service across Canada.  Dan Harris, MP, Scarborough Southwest will also be present.

In light of the current funding cuts for rail by both the Federal and Ontario governments, this film screening could not be more timely.

For further information please contact:  Linda Savory Gordon at or 705 949 2301 ext 4320 & 705 943 0971, or Winnie Ng at or416.979.5000 ext 6436.