Canada's top amateur pilot competition, Finalists announced

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Media Release, Ottawa -- The Webster Memorial Trophy Competition today announced the finalists for this year's national competition for top amateur pilot. 
The competition will take place Aug. 15-18 at the Rockcliffe Flying Club in Ottawa. 

The regional winners are:

British Columbia, Andrew Michael Burns
Coastal Pacific Aviation

Alberta, Mathieu Jean William Caouette
Skywings Aviation Academy

Saskatchewan, Shane Daniel Lanouette
Regina Flying Club

Manitoba, Peter McKenzie Heron
Harv’s Air Service

Western Ontario, Andrew Curtis Woods,
Confederation College

Eastern Ontario,  Andrea Lane Marrocco
Ottawa Flying Club

Central Ontario, Damyan Atanasov Dochev
Seneca College

Quebec, Louis Rousseau
Cargair Ltée (St. Hubert)

Atlantic, Robert Joseph Forrest
Greenwood Flight Centre

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Wayne Foy
June 18, 2012

Background: The Webster is changing.   For years the national portion of the competition basically used the same flight test format as each finalist had experienced when getting their Private and Commercial pilot licence(s).  

In some cases a competitor would also take a Webster test, so in certain instances a finalist could show up and take the same test for the fourth time. The only difference is that the Civil Aviation Inspectors (CAI) conducting the test would throw in a ringer exercise to see who excelled. 

CAIs sometimes use Webster finalists to test new exercises that they may wish to introduce into future licensing tests.  This year there are some major changes being developed by the CAIs to the competition flight test.  

Redbird simulators are being introduced for the first time and approximately half of the flight test portion will take place on these.  Two are available at Rockcliffe. Weather is often a serious problem during Webster week and therefore the use of simulators alleviates a good deal of that concern.  

The actual flight portions will still test certain standard exercises, however there are some additional sequences planned outside the norm making it more fun and more challenging to the finalists.

A very novel approach to the running of the competition is also taking place this year and we are very excited about it.  The Rockcliffe Flying Club is the host of the competition and has done a fantastic job of organization. They have written the book both figuratively and literally on how this competition should be run. 

Through their efforts and the co-operation of the Canada Aviation & Space Museum (CASM) the entire competition will be run out of the museum facilities. Logistics are in place for aircraft to be ferried across the field for the flight tests and areas are set up within the museum for briefings and exams, etc. 

There is even a Redbird simulator available to us at the museum for that phase of the competition. Between flights and exams the finalists will have access to the museum to enjoy all the historical aircraft on display, plus a restaurant and other amenities.

The Awards Banquet takes place at the end of Webster Week on Saturday, August 18th.  It will be held at the CASM which is appropriate to the 80th year celebration.  Formal invitations to a large number of our very generous supporters will start going out around the end of the month. We wish we could offer a “paid for” banquet to each and every one of our Webster supporters however that would be too excessive a drain on our limited budget.  Nevertheless there is no limit to how many can attend and I will attach a reply form with the next update for anyone wishing to enjoy this magical evening.

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