Pat Hayes MPP Essex-North, Canada to lose Wheat Board

Condolences to the family and friends of Pat Hayes. I had the pleasure of working on Pat's 1985 election win. He was funny and fun-loving. The lapsed clear grit did good work.

Canada set to give CWB to Viterra or Cargill.  PIAC on the election and CRTC rural broadband no decision. CRTC holds the roadmap to the future upside down.

Pat Hayes always put 'other people first'
Windsor Star, Chris Thompson, May 4, 2011
"Growing up one of 18 siblings in an Irish Essex County family, Pat Hayes learned the importance of family and despite all his political accomplishments, that focus never left him," the Windsor Star reported.

Competition not always answer for consumers
Ellen Roseman Toronto Star May 4 2011
"Canada should insist that wireless companies allow customers to block the unwanted text message services, says the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. The group is collecting stories from consumers and plans to release a report later this month, asking the government to curb text message abuses," the Toronto Star reported.

What's ahead for Canada's consumers under a Conservative government with a parliamentary majority?
Ellen Roseman Toronto Star May 4
"(PIAC) Executive director Michael Janigan is optimistic that he can get action from the new government. ... Despite their standard response to let the market take care of consumer problems, the Conservatives will turn to regulation when they think their voting base is affected, Janigan argues. "We're not expecting a red carpet to be laid down in front of us," he says about the coming four years, "but we don't expect to run into a brick wall," the Toronto Star reported.

CRTC sets national broadband target, dodges subsidy fund for deployment
The Wire Report, May 3, 2011
Consumer group the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) said gaps in Canada’s broadband access will endure and that the commission didn’t go far enough to promote rural broadband expansion. “If there is no rural broadband now, there will not be any more thanks to this decision,” PIAC counsel John Lawford said in a press release. “You're on your own Canada—see you at the bottom of the OECD broadband lists,” Lawford added in a reference to a broadband data," The Wire Report story said.

CRTC’s removal of basic service objectives
PIAC said the CRTC’s removal of basic service objectives in urban and suburban areas means customers will no longer receive basic service elements such as phone books.  “If this is a roadmap to the future, the CRTC is holding it upside-down,”  The Wire Report quoted PIAC's John Lawford.

Conservative Corneliu Chisu takes Pickering airport riding
Metroland, Kristen Calis, May 03, 2011
As for a possible Pickering airport, Mr. Chisu said it's still just an idea and a decision has not been made. He said it's in the hands of Transport Canada, which has to put forward a business case and be able to prove whether it's something to go ahead with or not.

Canadian Wheat Board to survive without monopoly-Ritz
Reuters, Rod Nickel, May 3, 2011
"The Canadian Wheat Board, which has controlled exports from the world's ninth-biggest producer since before World War Two, would be forced to compete with companies like as Viterra Inc (VT.TO) and Cargill Inc [CARG.UL] as the government follows through with its pledge to open the market," Reuters reported.

Paul Langan to Speak at APTA High Speed Rail Practicum
Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada has been invited to speak at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) 2nd International Practicum on Implementing High Speed Rail in Baltimore,  Maryland May 4th at 1:00pm.