Majority PM Harper, #tweettheresults beats Osama bin Laden

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Consequences of Harper majority will be profound
PM Stephen Harper successfully framed key ballot questions for the critical mass of voters in Monday’s election, but it was his own hard-nosed take-no-prisoners leadership style, not warnings about economic calamity, that helped shape many other views in the electorate, his opponents say.
Hill Times, Tim Naumetz May 3

Lawrence Cannon - a continuing public presence?
Harry Gow writes: Even as a lifelong social democrat, I have been impressed by some politicians from other traditions.  Among these  have been both Liberals and Conservatives, including Don Mazankowski (PC), David Collenette (L) and lately, Lawrence Cannon (C). Mr. Cannon first came to my attention whan he was a Councillor in Gatineau and President of the Société de Transport de l'Outaouais through his advocacy for transit and municipal infrastructure funding. Transport Action Canada, at my suggestion, awarded Mr. Cannon an  Orange Prize for this work and for his support for  intercity rail passenger service when he was Minister of Transport. Mr. Cannon has given his support to many vital projects in Western Québec in his rôle as MP and as a Minister in the Conservative Government.

While the region will no doubt benefit from the renewal brought by new (NDP) personalities to Parliament,  Québec and Pontiac riding can ill-afford the loss of  such a solid representative as Lawrence Cannon.  While he has stated he will withdraw from politics,  I for one hope that a new role worthy of his contribution can be found for him. Whether at the Senate, the United Nations or as an Ambassador, Mr. Cannon could continue to serve Québec and Canada to the benefit of all.

Harry Gow, 3 May 2011

Twitterverse rebels flout Elections Canada ban
More than 4,800 tweets included numbers before end of blackout period, despite 1938 law banning 'premature transmission' of results
Misty Harris, Postmedia News, May 3
"In fact, #tweettheresults generated so much activity in a three-hour period that it was not only the top trending topic in the country, but the most tweeted topic worldwide, besting even Osama bin Laden,"  Postmedia News reported.