Tax the banks / Ontario 3.8% hydro increase / Air Canada negotiations

Air Canada negotiations are proving difficult. Facebook alarms U.S. privacy advocates. Tax the banks. If we can't tax let's charge them some fees.

Facebook looks to cash in on user data
Los Angeles Times, Jessica Guynn, April 17, 2011

Air Canada pilots ponder next move
Toronto Star, Vanessa Lu, Apr 19 2011

Négociations syndicales: règlement chez Héroux-Devtek, résistance chez Air Canada
La Presse, Marie Tison, Publié le 19 avril 2011

Electricity prices to rise 3.8%, but govt says we’re no worse off
Toronto Star, John Spears, Apr 20

Justice Morgan talks tough about privacy breaches
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, James Wood, Apr. 20

Tax the banks? Look at the fine print of this game plan first
Globe and Mail, Grant Robertson, Apr. 20, 2011