Media monitoring, Testing the new FPInfomart platform. Liked the old one.

We are currently testing the new media monitoring platform available from FP Infomart. The old platform is fantastic but is scheduled for shutdown at the end of the month. The old platform covers most major Canadian print outlets and some key broadcasts like CTV National News Broadcast News, and the World Report on CBC Radio.

Its database houses many of Canada's community papers and a few thousand blogs.

We like the old system because it is reasonably priced, nimble and the backbone of our media monitoring business.

 J. Goss + Associates uses Infomart for:

1) producing morning reports on media coverage of our clients and their issues;
2) live monitoring of media websites and commercial newswires;
3) quick overviews of individuals, organizations and issues;
4) keeping track of journalists; and
5) measuring the reach and earned media value of communications projects.

With Infomart we can guarantee that every story about our clients whether printed in the Toronto Star or the Reston Recorder is reviewed and flagged when significant. It will take a while to figure out the new system but I will report on it soon.

In the meantime, if you have questions about media monitoring please call:

J. Goss + Associates
534-4008 (416)

Unifor 591-G