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The Clean Train Coalition got the message out at a news conference yesterday.  Drop the diesel. J. Goss + Associates helped with media services and strategic counsel.

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The news conference was covered by Global Television, CP24, City-TV, SRC and CBC Radio.  The Toronto Star and many other print outlets reported on this important issue.

Toronto-based J. Goss + Associates is known and trusted by many top Canadian journalists.

J. Goss + Associates media relations services include:
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Toronto Sun, Group to challenge Pearson diesel trains in court

The CTC chair Rick Ciccarelli would like to see electric trains used on the rail line, saying they’re “the only +healthy way” to provide a link between Union Station and Pearson. … “In the corridor between Union Station and Pearson airport, there are about 300,000 residents living within half a kilometre (of the rail corridor) ... There are 37 schools, 40 daycares and four long-term care facilities.” said Ciccarelli, adding that electric trains “do not pollute ... are faster, quieter and more energy efficient.” Terry Davidson reported for the Toronto Sun and 24 Hours on Aug. 9.

SRC, Train vers Pearson : des Torontois poursuivent la province

Une coalition de citoyens habitant près des voies ferrées où circuleraient les nouvelles navettes entre l'aéroport Pearson et le centre-ville de Toronto traîne la province devant les tribunaux au sujet de ces trains au diesel.  SRC 8 août 2012

Clean Train Coalition Seeks Court Intervention Against Metrolinx

The CTC argues that the additional diesel exhaust would be harmful to human health, and that the corridor should be electric from day one.  Clean transit group wants diesel vs. electric analysis ahead of Pan Am Games
Steve Kupferman wrote for the Torontoist on Aug 8 2012

Matthew Braga, The Globe and Mail, Aug. 08 2012

More information about the Clean Train Coalition application for a judicial review.