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J. Goss + Associates is proud to work
with Toronto-based pollsters Forum Research.
Forum Research is in the news today with poll results on the Québec election and the impact of B.C. Premier Christie Clark's new pipeline strategy.

J. Goss + Associates is proud to work with Lorne Bozinoff and Forum Research.

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Globe and Mail, Francophone support gives Parti Québécois the edge

"With the election campaign in Quebec less than a day old, a new poll suggests that the Parti Québécois and Liberals are neck-and-neck in voting intentions, with the PQ’s edge among francophone voters putting them on track to form the province’s next government," Éric Grenier reported for the Globe and Mail on Aug. 2.

"The survey by Forum Research provided exclusively to The Globe and Mail indicates that 39 per cent of Quebeckers support the PQ while 38 per cent would cast their ballot for Jean Charest’s Liberals. The Coalition Avenir Québec trails in third with only 14 per cent support. The snap poll, conducted Wednesday night shortly after the writ dropped in the province, surveyed 1,617 Quebeckers via telephone using an interactive voice response system. The poll has a sampling margin of error of 2.4 per cent, 19 times out of 20," The Globe and Mail reported.

National Post, BC NDP would still win 79 of the 85 seats

"B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s confrontation with Alberta over a planned oil pipeline hasn’t produced the hoped-for boost in her popularity, according to a poll. The poll, by Forum Research, shows the NDP would still win 79 of the 85 seats in the provincial legislature if an election were held today. Clark’s Liberals, who rank barely ahead of the moribund provincial Conservative party, would be reduced to four seats," Kelly McParland wrote for the National Post on Aug. 2.

Forum Research Inc. is one of Canada's top pubic opinion polling firms

The Toronto-based group is led by Dr. Lorne Bozinoff Ph.D., who has over thirty years of polling experience. Forum polls accurately predicted recent provincial election results in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

J. Goss, in association with Forum Research, helps unions, national groups and businesses better understand their members and markets. We also provide research services for municipal, provincial and federal election campaigns.

Our work includes:

- brand research
- representation votes
- organizing drives
- campaigns
- and more!

Poll results can be made available the next day.

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