Transportation watchdog to cover Via Rail cuts today

David Jeanes, National President
Transport Action. 
Transport Action will closely monitor the Via Rail Annual Public Meeting today.

Via Rail will be holding its:  
Annual Public Meeting 
May 29, 2012, at 13:00 (local time)
Union Station, 
123 Main Street,
Winnipeg, Manitoba,  R3C 1A3. 

Public information suggests the national passenger railway will announce service cuts today. Transport Action Canada will be represented on site. The national advocacy group plans to issue a news release shortly after Via Rail's plans are spelled out.

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Spokespersons from Transport Action and affiliates will be available for reaction including:

Winnipeg, Peter Lacey, Vice President of Transport Action Canada <>

Ottawa, David Jeanes, National President, Transport Action Canada <>

Kamloops, Matthew Buchanan, President, Transport Action B. C.  <>

Calgary, Jon Calon, Transport Action spokesperson, <>

Toronto, Dan Hammond, Vice President, Transport Action Ontario <>

Oshawa, Paul-Andre Larose <>

Kitchener-Waterloo, Paul Langan, Friends of the North Mainline <>

Sault Ste. Marie, Linda Savory-Gordon, Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains,

Montreal, Normand Parisen, Executive Director, Transport 2000 Québec  <>

Montreal, Justin Bur, Vice President, Transport Action Canada,

Québec, Louis François-Garceau, TRAQ, Louis-François Garceau <>

Gaspésie, Cynthia Patterson, Coalition  <>

New Brunswick, Harold Nicholson, President, Transport Action Atlantic <>

Halifax, John Pearce, <>

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