Regent Park, Toronto, We got richer and we're worth it

Regent Park residents will tell their stories
at a news conference on Apr. 2.
At a news Conference, residents will tell the real story about what is happening in their neighbourhood

Join members of the Regent Park community who will speak first-hand about what the revitalization means to them, as Phase One is complete and Phase Two is well underway.

As early as the 1960’s, Regent Park residents were concerned about the deterioration of their homes, lack of streets and stigma. In 1995, residents got the attention of government and moved forward with a dream that took 17 years to come to fruition.

Come hear the stories from those who have been impacted the most through this revitalization.

DATE: Monday April 02, 2012
TIME: 10:15 a.m.
LOCATION: Northeast corner of Regent Street and Oak Street,
Regent Street (north at Dundas Street East) and Oak
Street (east at Regent Street).
Public parking available in the underground parking garage.
Parking garage entrance is located off Regent Street.

These Speakers will be available for interviews:
• Diane MacLean – Chair, Regent Park Revitalization Committee
• Fos Ashkir - Regent Park Resident-Toronto Community Housing
• Neil Clarke – Regent Park Resident-Toronto Community Housing
• Kate Sellar (TBC) – Regent Park Resident-Condominium


For further information contact:
Diane MacLean, Chair - Regent Park Revitalization Committee
416-708-1289 / diane.maclean (at)