More rapid transit for Toronto

Toronto can do more with less.
Transport Action Ontario today outlined a transit plan that promises more for less.

"If we do things a little differently we can make better use of the money," says Transport Action Ontario spokesperson Bruce Budd. He points to $1.5B in savings of by cutting unnecessary tunnelling on Eglinton and another $1B to 4.1B for the two different options for a Sheppard subway (to Victoria Park, or all the way to the Scarborough Town Centre).

A letter to the Mayor and Council is enclosed below.

The report is at:

The report advocates sizing the Eglinton tunnel for eventual subway use, a bus rapid transit corridor for Finch West and a downtown relief line.

Budd says, "Transport Action believes the city can do better."
Dear Mr. Mayor and City Councillors,

A More Efficient Use of Scarce Rapid Transit Dollars for Toronto, by Transport Action Ontario which expands rapid transit for Toronto at a lower cost.

 Transport Action Ontario recommends:

City Council first settle the “Underground versus Surface” debate for the Eglinton LRT line. We urge you to support a surface LRT from the DVP to Kennedy Station and use the $1.5 billion for rapid transit needed elsewhere in Scarborough and North York.

 - The underground tunnel portion be made compatible for future conversion to a subway. The LRT vehicles will likely reach capacity in 25-30 years while tunnels last for over 100 years. City Council only gets a chance to build this tunnel ONCE.

- An LRT line be built on Sheppard East as originally designed and approved and not an expensive and short subway which current and future ridership projections do not support.

- A dedicated BRT transitway be built along Finch West, but that it be connected to the existing Sheppard subway via Bathurst St.

- The overcrowding on the Yonge line be addressed by planning for a Downtown Relief subway line for riders from Scarborough and East York/Don Mills.

- All LRT lines should be built using TTC track gauge; not standard railway gauge.

Councillor, one of our members in your area will be calling your office to set up a meeting.

Sincerely yours,

Bruce Budd
On behalf of the Board of
Transport Action Ontario

The report is at: