Google+ hangout today for transport action

Transport Action Canada Hangout
Wednesday Nov. 30 at 12:00 Pacific time 3:00 PM Eastern

+Jim Goss


(FACT CHECK) Note that a Google+ page itself is public, unlike a Facebook page.

(FACT CHECK)  While the site is public, it appears hangout participants will need a Google+ account (with its real name identity) to join in.



1. Last hangout
2. Using Openstreetmap to tell our stories, Transport Action Canada
3. Other Google tools

1. Last hangout

On Nov. 23 a Transport Action Canada working group tested the hangout feature, a video conference with shared access to linked computer screens, spreadsheets, documents and video feeds. The group developed a 10-minute workshop on how to use openstreetmap to make maps like this one.

The group observed the value of the tool for board meetings and other collaborations. It notes a Facebook or Google+ site invites issues around "brand discipline" and coherent messaging. Social media use will require careful curating by the organization. 

+Transport Action Canada

2. Maps help tell transportation stories

You will need an account for openstreetmap

O-Train Map Stage One

Like Google maps Openstreetmap can save the file as an image or as code for pasting it onto a blog or web site.

Openstreetmap has more tools than Google. It’s easy to highlight routes or locations for your custom maps. The system has layers. It’s a wiki project which encourages participants to add detail to the existing data.

O-Train Map Stage Two

Someone more adept than me will show a few more of the basics.

3. Other Google tools


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